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Einstein's fundamentals of marketing.

Your free guide to activating personality within your brand – for the benefit of your entire marketing funnel.


Using Digital Einstein as a case study, we drill down into the marketing performance metrics delivered by putting a strong personality at the front of (and throughout) the customer journey.

If you’re curious about the commercialization of virtual influencers, digital brand ambassadors and the new wave of humanized conversational AI, this eBook will help you prepare for what’s next – bringing the power of personality to your entire marketing strategy.

What’s inside?

We candidly share the impact of personality across our entire marketing funnel, including:

An overview of ‘Personality-Activated Engagements’.

The metrics that make personality a must-have in marketing.

How we activated personality using the world’s most famous scientist.

What brand personalities could embody your brand.

How any brand could do the same.

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