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UneeQ is an artificial intelligence company, developing the most advanced autonomous digital human platform available for customer interactions – today and in tomorrow’s metaverse.

Our mission is to deliver digital human experiences that excel in marketing, sales and service roles – reducing complexity, improving conversions and creating memorable customer moments for brands.

UneeQ was born out of a program to provide disabled people better access to information. The project was called Nadia, voiced by Cate Blanchett. The foundations for this first digital human platform were designed on the back of a napkin by founding members of UneeQ.

We quickly realized digital humans are able to help people with many other perennially tricky problems – from financial literacy to healthcare coaching and simplifying complex customer journeys. For the next few years, we explored dozens of use cases with world-leading brands keen to solve these problems with us. We found the pitfalls, the limitations and the areas of real value and opportunity.

We iterated on the best of these use cases in areas like banking, mental health, eCommerce, medicine, HR and recruitment, and many, many more. And we built our product and platform to be agnostic, so brands and the best creative minds can build digital humans easier than ever.

Which brings us to today. UneeQ now has teams across the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, made up of incredible and experienced AI practitioners, scientists, inventors, developers, quality experts, project managers, marketers and experts. We’re proud to work with some of the biggest brands to help them launch valuable, memorable digital human experiences that customers love to use.

Meet the team

Some of the humans behind digital humans

Meet some of the people who make us tick.

Senior Leadership Team

Danny Tomsett

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Emma Lavelle

Chief Operating Officer

Ashley Bailey

Sr Director of Marketing

Jason Catchpole

AI Team Lead

Simon Grieve

SVP Customer Success

Deborah Foxell

VP Services and Strategic Ops

Nick Sokolich

SVP Sales

Tyler Merritt

Field CTO

Board of Directors

Fred Thiel

Chairman and Chief Advisor, Thiel Advisors

Janice Roberts

Partner, Benhamou Global Ventures

Heidi Cormack

Chief Marketing Officer, NETGEAR

Simon Arkell

Founder and former President, Deep Lens

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