Digital humans in entertainment.

The future of entertainment is real-time, personal and interactive. Digital humans let brands do all that today – for media and streaming platforms, influencers, or gaming metaverse and Web 3.0 companies.


Automatic for the people.

Digital humans use the most time-tested and natural user interface – one-on-one human conversation. Except now, this kind of human interaction is powered by AI.

People can engage with a digital human around the clock, 365 days a year and in 70+ languages. Welcome to a whole new generation of online entertainment and interactivity.


Embody, interact, personalize.

It’s more of what people love about the entertainment industry.


Bring your brand to life.

Whether you're an individual influencers or major streaming platform, your brand is the center of what brings people back for more.

A combination of our artistry team and our Personality Engine allows us to digitally “clone” real people and many other ambassadors or avatars. We embody how they look, sound, feel and act – those personality traits, charms, values and traits your audience loves.


Spend time with your audience.

Next, we make that brand truly interactive and available around the clock – and around the world. Your digital human can guide your audience on tailored experiences, or talk about virtually anything, for the ultimate brand engagement.


That's entertainment!

Allow your audience to feel seen, heard and valued like never before with in-depth personalization. Your digital human can get to know users, learn from them and constantly provide better and better experiences – personalized to the nth degree.

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