Digital humans for healthcare.

Create supportive, accessible and meaningful patient interactions in a digital world. Whether it’s improving telehealth experiences, patient health literacy or easing the burden on front-line staff – there’s a use case waiting for you.


It's healthcare – with emphasis on the care.

Simply put, digital humans are 24/7 sources of conversation, information and support. But they go beyond that, too.

They can show sympathy, warmth, excitement, friendliness, empathy and humanity to patients or caregivers. They've proven to build rapport and help people through challenging health scenarios.

For healthcare providers who want to create more trusting, caring interactions through their digital channels – welcome to the world of digital humans.


Interact, guide, support.

Reimagine what digital healthcare feels like to patients.


Communicate with impact.

UneeQ digital humans can provide open-ended conversation, around the clock, any time of the day or year. They converse in 70+ languages and use text, visuals, video and interaction to help patients understand and stay on track.


It's amazing what a friendly face can do.

By seeing, hearing, listening and responding with the patient, face to face, digital humans do what no other technology currently can.

Research shows patients largely prefer interacting with virtual agents – particularly in embarrassing or otherwise drawn-out situations. Patients have even shown to quickly build a therapeutic alliance with such avatars.


Use cases for many scenarios.

Digital humans can help with problems like adherence to medication, mental health support, dietary coaching, post-operative care, reducing hospital readmissions, triage and companionship.

Our platform can help you test, iterate and launch powerful digital human solutions for any part of the patient journey.

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Our free guide explains the advantages of a digital human, who they’re for, what a typical project and timeline looks like, key questions to ask of your provider, and so much more.

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