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The five laws of ethical digital human design.

The best digital humans are built to improve aspects of human life. This guide to ethical digital human design helps you make sure your projects are fit to do just that.


Digital humans today play a part in how we live, work and manage our health. People talk to, confide in and hold actual conversations with these types of conversational AI.

Over the next few years, digital humans will slip seamlessly into virtually every part of our lives to help us in countless other ways.

This eBook is your guide to creating digital humans in an ethical way, to benefit your customers, patients or other users in wholly positive ways.

What’s inside?

This guide includes:

An overview of principle-led digital human design.

Law one: Honesty and transparency.

Law two: AI for good.

Law three: Privacy.

Law four: Respect.

Law five: Co-design.

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