Digital humans for Marketing

Speak with people – not at them.

As marketers, we love to talk about engagement. And what’s more engaging that a one-on-one, personalized conversation? Discover more about your audience, activate your funnel and leave a lasting impression through conversational marketing.

Key results

Digital human marketing success.


increase in website traffic, engaging through brand activation at the top of the marketing funnel (TOF).


increase in inbound contacts, converting traffic into the middle of the marketing funnel (MOF).


increase in booked meetings, and 140% increase in MQLs, at the bottom of the funnel (BOF).

Why digital humans?

Brand engagement

Create interactive, immersive, and lasting AI-powered campaigns – today and in the metaverse.

Optimize and personalize

Move marketing prospects through your funnel with empathetic, conversational, memorable journeys.

Know your customer

Get closer to your prospects and let them tell you what they need, with conversation, dynamic surveys and any number of useful tools.


Where automation meets emotional engagement.

Your brand, embodied.

Digital humans live and breathe your brand – its tone of voice, values, charm and quirks. All while building an unforgettable  experience around it.

Convert in your sleep.

Artificial Intelligence ensures a consistently engaging and emotionally resonant experience, 24/7. Digital humans effortlessly scale to meet demand.

Truly personalize.

Go beyond just first name greetings. Familiar facial expressions, body language and your choice of 70+ languages lets digital humans connect way more personally.

Tirelessly consistent.

Your digital human can discuss anything, whenever they’re needed. Our Personality Engine keeps people engaged without things going off-piste or off-brand.

Make it fun.

Add a little fun, charm and whimsy back into the marketing journey. No more boring self-service and stale forms; it can all be done utilizing natural conversation.

Web 3.0 ready.

The metaverse will be immersive and interactive. Digital humans are how brands will represent themselves autonomously within it.

The possibilities for brand connection with Eve really are limitless. I’m excited about the future of skincare and Kiehl’s within the metaverse.

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