The Kiehl’s story started 170 years ago as an old-world apothecary, rooted in expert skin advice and personal, face-to-face customer care. Almost two centuries later, the global skincare brand is investing in the same values. Kiehl’s is conscious of knowing their customers, meeting their ever-evolving needs and providing expert skin advice whenever and wherever it’s desired. It’s this focus that led them to digital humans.


We designed Eve with the Kiehl’s brand in mind. She embodies the approachability and professionalism of their team. The typical customer journey starts when shoppers approach one of the kiosks in the Kiehl’s store. As the first digital skincare expert, she speaks, listens and interacts with people to assess their skin type. She can then guide them towards a personalized skincare routine, and explain the ins and outs of the product recommendations.



Eve interactions
in the opening
two weeks.


Customers praise
how easy
Eve is to use.


Shoppers say
they enjoy Eve's

The possibilities for brand connection with Eve really are limitless. I’m excited about the future of skincare and Kiehl’s within the metaverse.”

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