digital humans in customer service

Empathetic, empowering customer care.

Take your investments in automation to another, more engaging, level. Digital humans solve customer challenges conversationally and in real time, building trust, confidence and loyalty in the process.


increase in customer engagement via a digital human channel.


users say a digital human channel is easy to use.


say they enjoy interacting with a digital human more than a chatbot.
ai-empowering service

Automation without the frustration.

So you’ve made significant investments in automation – that’s perfect! Now to make it engaging. UneeQ digital humans integrate with your automated channels to give a new level of warm, friendly and highly functional customer service, around the clock. And your staff? Well, they’ll have more time for the complex tasks.


Empathetic AI conversations that build confidence and boost conversion.

Increase engagement.

With more customers wanting digital containment, provide a friendly, conversational end-to-end online service.

Augment contact centers.

Empower your physical teams with digital humans that speak 70+ languages and offer automated, engaging service at scale.

24/7 service –anywhere.

Meet your customers where they are. Digital humans are available 24/7, 365 days a year, on virtually any channel.

Remove complexity.

Don’t leave customers struggling to find their own way. Offer to guide them, help them, educate them and speak with them throughout the customer journey.

Amplify investments.

Your chatbot or NLP investment isn’t wasted. I’s the perfect foundation for a digital human experience – creating customer service that’s fit for the future.

Web 3.0 ready.

Fulfil the promise of immersive and interactive metaverse experiences. Our digital humans can live and converse in Web 3.0 worlds today.

“We were delighted to work with UneeQ on this groundbreaking project, knowing that Einstein's legacy continues to educate and guide the minds of tomorrow through interactive AI technology."

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