Digital humans in CPG, eCommerce and retail.

Inform, guide, entertain and convert – at the same time. It’s all within reach with AI-powered digital humans.

why digital humans?

Conversational commerce at its most engaging.

There’s a reason customers love your brand. Now, you can embody that – your voice and values, identity and personality – for direct, digital shopping experiences.

Conversational commerce through a digital human lets you interact, not just transact. Customers are better served, more informed and more loyal. And you know what? They convert more as a result.


Interact, guide, convert.

A more natural way to engage with customers across the entire lifecycle.


Create experiences people want to use.

It’s easy for people to get lost in the detail of retail. Digital humans use natural, easy-to-understand conversation.


Simplify complex journeys.

They get to know your shoppers; and they guide these individuals to the products that suit them. It’s simple, really.


Interactions, not just transactions.

By educating your customers – by engaging with them and helping them – digital humans build consumer loyalty and trust.

They allow retailers and eCommerce brands to serve their shoppers around the clock, without sacrificing the human touch that’s so often lost in online shopping. And conversions quite naturally follow.

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