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Digital humans for banking & finance

In the complex world of finance, it’s easy for your customers to get lost, confused and frustrated. Digital humans simplify complexity using the power of conversation – and increase conversions in the process.

Why digital humans?

Because finance can be... complicated.

It’s not always easy being a customer, particularly when faced with important but complex topics like finance.

Digital humans help customers find what they’re looking for through simple conversation. They educate and explain things in plain language (70+ languages to be precise), helping people find confidence and empowerment around their money matters.


Give your customers the gift of confidence.

Because financially confident people make great customers.

reintroduce the human touch

Make digital banking personal again.

Like the bank manager of old, your brand’s digital human can give your customers all the time in the world, as they answer their questions "face to face".

Digital humans speak your language, offer a personal, personalized conversation, and guide people to better financial health.

easy implementation

Easy integration into existing systems.

Our open APIs and SDKs allow you to integrate anything from your company’s chatbot to CMS. Your digital human can work within your existing ecosystems, making for a seamless, omnichannel experience. In other words, your dev team will love us as much as your customers!

financial literacy

Building knowledge, confidence – and loyalty.

66% of people can’t answer basic questions about money and investing. Digital humans offer a conversational, empathetic and judgement-free solution to educate and guide people.

In turn, customers grow in financial literacy and confidence, and make better decisions around their money. And guess what? They become more loyal to the brands who helped them get there.

Not sure where to begin?

Our Buyer’s Guide is a great place to start

Our free guide explains the advantages of a digital human, who they’re for, what a typical project and timeline looks like, key questions to ask of your provider, and so much more.

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