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Digital humans for telecommunication brands.

Guide customers to products and services they’ll love – simply, effectively and digitally. Let us introduce you to the new face of customer experience, powered by AI.

why digital humans

Get to the heart of telecommunication.

From the telegram to the smartphone, the telcos that have survived generations have done so by bringing technology into people's lives. This technology has to be efficient and convenient, yes; but it also has to enable great communication – not limit it.

Digital humans exist to reignite online customer interaction and engagement for forward-looking telcos.


Simplify, create fun, convert.

Just some of reasons why major telco providers employ UneeQ digital humans.


Smooth out complex customer journeys.

Just try and count how many different products and services today's telecommunication and cable providers offer. Digital humans use natural conversation and a dynamic UI to understand what customers want and guide them directly to it.


Functional can be FUN too.

How would you rate your current customer journeys on a scale of frustrating to fun? Digital humans engage in a number of ways – from playing games with customers as part of brand activation campaigns, or by simply having a one-on-one conversation.


Boosting the bottom line.

By creating simpler, more engaging workflows, our digital humans have seen online conversion rates jump by as much as 2x, while increasing cross-selling and reducing cart abandonment rates, too.

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Our Buyer’s Guide is a great place to start

Our free guide explains the advantages of a digital human, who they’re for, what a typical project and timeline looks like, key questions to ask of your provider, and so much more.

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