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Organizations partner with us to unlock the power of emotional connection in customer experiences. Learn how to build the future of conversational artificial intelligence with digital humans.

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Sometimes it takes a village. Your technology products and expertise in anything from NLP to UX can help take our industry forwards.

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Show your innovation. Generate a new revenue stream by commercializing digital humans into your current solution or service.

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Our referral program rewards you for putting our name forward into your trusted networks. And we won’t let you down from there!

Find us in the AWS marketplace

Leverage AWS technology to build end-to-end customer experiences with UneeQ and AWS.

Curate structured customer journeys with Conversational AI using Amazon Lex

Integrate with Amazon Lex & Kendra

Leverage the power of Generative AI

Seamlessly connect with Large Language Models using Amazon Bedrock and more

Give your Digital Human a natural voice

Choose from hundreds of Amazon Polly HD Voice options


Why partner with UneeQ

High growth market

Gartner predicts that by 2027, the majority of B2C enterprises will have a budget for digital humans. B2B will adopt even sooner – both continue to grow.

Great support

Your success is our success. Our team of experts will set you up for an exciting journey ahead, and are always on hand to help.

Dev-friendly technology

Our digital human platform is the easiest around for integration. Bring your tech; we’ll bring our platform, SDKs and APIs. Let’s create amazing things.


Our solutions are made for ROI. Generate a new revenue stream by commercializing digital humans into your current solution or service.

Add real value to clients

Our platform isn’t a science experiment. We can deliver increased engagement, conversion and advocacy – the things your clients actually want.

Try us first

Our Creator platform is available if you’d like to plug in your tech, test and get a taste for what we can do together. Just let us know and we’ll hook you up.


What our amazing partners are saying

Stephen Ward


"Launching the first Dutch-speaking digital human is a great moment. Having that touch-of-a-button conversation just puts a smile on your face. This is the time for your organisation to elevate to a digital human."

John Taylor


"Our partnership with UneeQ continues to grow thanks to their personable & professional approach. Our ability to position UneeQ enables our clients to seamlessly enhance their CX delivery strategy with a digital human."

Janine Salerno

Atlantis Health

"We’re partnering with UneeQ; and in doing so, starting to support our patients, caregivers and even physicians with opportunities never seen before."

Shashank Shekhar


"I can’t even imagine anyone other than UneeQ being your partner in [creating a digital human]. They've been true partners. Every step of the way someone from UneeQ was there with us. I don’t think any company can do it better."

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