Terms, Privacy and Legal

UneeQ Terms of Service

Terms of Service
These are the terms and conditions that govern how we provide you access to our Platform. It describes your rights and obligations as a customer, and ours as the service provider.

Service Level Agreement
For eligible pricing plans or Subscription Agreements, the Service Level Agreement defines the levels of platform uptime and incident response targets you can expect.

Digital human Creation Agreement
You may commission us to create a digital human specifically for you. This agreement outlines how that process works and your extra entitlements when you elect to do so.

UneeQ Privacy Policy

User Data Privacy Notice
User Data is information collected and generated about End Users’ interactions with a digital human using our Platform. This privacy notice explains how we process User Data.

Subscriber Data Privacy Notice
Subscriber Data is information we collect about current and prospective subscribers through our website, by our sales team, or provided to us through the process of signing up to use our Platform. This privacy notice explains how we process Subscriber Data.

Security Measures
We maintain technical and organizational security measures to protect your data against destruction, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure. This document provides an overview on how we do that.

Data Processing Addendum
If you are subject to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679, the GDPR) this addendum extends our Terms of Service and describes in more detail how we process personal data on your behalf.

List of Sub-Processors
We utilize services provided by 3rd parties to deliver Platform functionality and these services process Personal Data. This is the list of those 3rd parties and what type of data they process.

Cookie Policy
When you visit our website, we may use automated tools and methods (such as cookies, sessions, and website statistics software) to collect certain information about your visit. This policy explains how we do that.