Wednesday 10 February

On demand: 5 ways adding a digital human to your chatbot will increase conversions.

In this webinar, learn how any chatbot can create more engaging experiences while also increasing marketing conversions, all with the addition of a digital human face and personality.


Learn how your chatbot can create more engaging customer interactions and increase marketing conversions– all through the power of personality.

Hear first-hand from Noel Leeming ー a brand that's part of the largest retail group in Australasia: The Warehouse Group. Learn about their journey to create exceptional customer experiences across both digital and physical environments with their digital human, Nola.

We also dive into our latest ebook ‘Building a digital workforce’, discussing the role of chatbots versus digital humans as it relates to creating tomorrow’s digital workforce.

Key Takeaways

You'll also walk away knowing:

5 ways your chatbot can create more engaging customer interactions.

Overcoming chatbot bias, steps to take today to improve conversions.

How to add a digital human to your existing chatbot for free.

How Noel Leeming developed the brand’s first digital human team member, Nola, and how she helped increase customer engagement.

Meet the panel

You'll hear from:

Dylan Weymouth

Tribe Lead Group Business Operations

Daryl Reva


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