Thursday 18 November | 2PM Central Time

On demand: How can leading brands add a little humanity throughout the entire customer journey?

The business world has never been more connected by technology and more disconnected from human experiences. Your mortgage adviser is now an online form; your bank teller an app; your retail assistant a chatbot.

Tomorrow will be even more digital-led as postal workers become drones, Uber drivers switch to autonomous cars and even drive-thru lanes become fully automated.

But will it also mean valuable human experiences will continue to drift away? Not necessarily.


This webinar brings together preeminent thinkers in brand and marketing strategy, who'll explain how their brands are replacing some of the human touch that's missing throughout today's customer journeys.

And don't worry; not all their answers include digital humans ;)

Meet the panel

You'll hear from:

Shawnita Sterett

Sr Demand Generation Director

Miriam McLemore

Enterprise Strategy Director

Sean King

EVP Veritone One

Simon Grieve

SVP Customer Success

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