thursday 24 february

On demand: Future-proof your brand for the metaverse

If you find current metaverse discussions too hyped-up, fuzzy in their detail and lacking in commercial value, we’ve got a webinar that’ll help you get to the bottom of it all!

While the biggest companies in the world spend billions building the metaverse, any and every brand can start thinking about their role in it. And they can start doing that in a very practical way today.


Hear from our incredible panelists to discover the plethora of reasons to (STILL) be excited.

You’ll leave knowing how you can begin planning for a fresh and quickly changing approach to customer experiences, so your brand is ready and future-proofed for a newly minted virtual world

If you’re not already excited about the metaverse – or if your enthusiasm has died down – we think we can change your mind!

Key Takeaways

Join us as we explore:

What we know about the metaverse today.

The biggest known opportunities for brands tomorrow.

How these major brands ar preparing for Web 3.0.

How you can start building metaverse-ready experiences to get ahead of the competition.

Meet the panel

Our panelists are pioneering their own metaverse project.

Emma Chiu

Global Director

Arno Selhorst

Innovation Manager

Matt Marcus

Chief Experience Officer

Gana Meissner

Senior Venture Designer

Danny Tomsett

Founder and CEO

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