Wednesday 18 May

On demand - Mapping your journey into the metaverse: a step-by-step guide for brands

Every journey can benefit from having a guide; someone who’s already carved a path through the undergrowth, can point out the best routes and help you avoid the pitfalls.

Your metaverse journey is no different.


Join us and our expert panel as we help to map your journey into the metaverse – whether you’re taking your first step or have already begun.

Learn what you’ll need to get started, what to prepare for, where the value lies and what slippery slopes you should avoid to keep your project on track.

Key Takeaways

Let us be your guide as our expert panel explains:

What you will need before heading out into the relative unknown

Where the value lies for your brand in the metaverse

How to test your metaverse plans to lower risk

What pitfalls lie in wait, and how to avoid them

Meet the panel

Our panelists are pioneering their own metaverse projects:

Michael Shepherd

Sr Distinguished Engineer, Chief Technology Office

Thomas McMullen

Creative Director

Danny Tomsett

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Gary George

Global Innovation Director

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