thursday 17 september

On-demand webinar: Joining an ecosystem of conversational AI

Conversational AI is on track to become a $17 billion market in the next four to five years. And yet, three in four consumers say they want more human interaction in the future, not less. In a digital-only world, human experiences are at a premium.


In this UneeQ webinar, you can learn more about our ecosystem, the UneeQ partner program, and where and how you can become a member in it.

The UneeQ Partner Program connects incredible conversational AI technologies and organizations. You might have a technology product or service that improves digital human interactions; you could be a consultant on technology, customer experience, innovation, and more; or you might be a reseller interested in an exciting, emerging, and quickly adopted technology.

Key Takeaways

Watch on demand and discover:

A little about our vision to bring technologists together to create amazing conversational AI experiences.

What skills and competencies are in high demand within this budding community.

How together we can accelerate the way brands build and launch digital human experiences.

How to get started!

Meet your host

Guiding you through these topics will be...

Simon Grieve

SVP Customer Success

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