Thursday 22 october

On demand: How to create an exceptional customer experience with AI-powered digital employees

Get a comprehensive introduction to digital humans – what they are, how they work and what it takes to create exceptional customer experiences with AI-powered digital employees.

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Our school teachers always taught us to show, not tell. So when it comes to discussing how today's brands can build amazing customer experiences, we thought we should host two people who've been there and done it already.

Tyler Merritt is joined by Shashank Shekhar, CEO of InstaMortgage (called Arcus Lending at the time of recording). The webinar was recorded shortly after InstaMortgage launched Rachel, their first digital human employee.

Key Takeaways

Hear Tyler and Shashank reveal:

How InstaMortgage designed, developed and deployed Rachel, the world’s first digital human in the mortgage industry.

How they did so in record time, going from initial concept to launching in Times Square in only two months!

How you work out the actual value of that customer experience – and Shashank's plans for the future.

How you too could do something similar for your customers, and how to start.

Meet the panel

Meet our pioneering hosts:

Shashank Shekhar

Founder and CEO

Tyler Merritt

VP Platform Develoment

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