Feb 23, 2023

How many businesses are preparing for the metaverse in 2022?

How many brands and businesses are preparing for the metaverse today? We asked them. And the results might surprise you.

How many businesses are preparing for the metaverse in 2022?

The technology we see and read about in science fiction can often be a window into the future. Did you long to own the universal translator used in Star Trek? Well, here’s Google Translate. Tik-Tok, the friendly robot companion from the Land of Oz book series in 1914? Say hello to Boston Dynamics hardware, and digital humans as software. Even the spacecraft from 2001: A Space Odyssey became the inspiration for the real International Space Station.

Which brings us to the metaverse. History teaches us not to be dismissive of emerging technology – especially when there are real-world business applications of it.

What’s even more compelling: early metaverse experiences exist today in the gaming worlds of Minecraft, Roblox and Fortnite, to name a few. And where people are, brands will follow. As Emma Chiu – Global Director, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence – opined in our recent webinar: “If it’s connected to our lives, then brands need to be part of it.”

So how many brands are, in fact, preparing for the metaverse in 2022?

We asked them. And considering the metaverse has only reached the broad business lexicon over the past few months, the results may surprise you.

How many brands have a metaverse strategy?

How many brands and companies are ready or preparing for the metaverse in 2022 statistics and research| UneeQ Blog

An impressive 56% of the brands we surveyed either have a metaverse strategy or are working on it. Almost a quarter (24%) said yes they have one, while 32% are actively creating a strategy as we speak.

Meanwhile, 44% are not yet working on a metaverse strategy. Some 18% are waiting to see what develops before exploring how their brands will enter the metaverse, while around one-quarter (26%) are yet unsure whether the metaverse is for them.

What do brands need to know for their metaverse strategy?

What are the top things brands want to know about the metaverse in 2022 | UneeQ Blog

We also polled brand leaders on what interests them about the metaverse, and what they feel they need to know about these types of digital experiences to progress.

The most common piece of information they’re searching for is examples of how brands are taking advantage of the metaverse today. Almost three-quarters (73%) want real-world case studies of brands who are paving the way.

Almost two-thirds (63%) wish to know how to create a metaverse strategy. Leaders know strategy; but specific strategies for these new, emerging experiences are very much desired.

Of those polled, 47% want to know specifically how they can get ready for the metaverse, including what technology will be required to enter it as an organization.

Finally, 43% are still looking for information on what the metaverse is and why they should care – the foundational questions they’re yet to have conclusive answers for. While the same amount (43%) are keen to know what the timeline for the metaverse looks like.

For those interested, we’ve answered many of these questions in the below blog post.

How do you start your metaverse strategy?

There are a couple of ways to answer this question, but one of our favorites comes from Gana Meissner, Senior Venture Designer at Forward31, a Porsche Digital company.

“You just have to dive in and get your hands dirty. You need to be involved. You need to start creating.”

We’ve compiled some other great pieces of advice here on how your brand can prepare for the metaverse. From playing more video games to looking at your hiring or acquisition opportunities, organizations have plenty of options for starting to readying themselves for the metaverse now – ahead of the competition.

Each of these nuggets of advice all have one thing in common, however, summed up brilliantly by Gana: you just need to get hands-on. From there, you’re be in a better place to define your strategy.

And if you’d like to get hands-on exploring how digital humans can offer engaging metaverse interactions at scale – well, we can support you with that! Book a time for a personal consultation with one of our experts below. We’d love to hear how we can help.