You can now speak to Sophie about… well anything, thanks to OpenAI’s GPT-3

You can now speak to Sophie about anything – our GPT-3 powered digital human. ChatGPT just got a lot more human!

May 5, 2021
You can now speak to Sophie about… well anything, thanks to OpenAI’s GPT-3

This article was updated in January 2023 to include the launch of OpenAI’s incredible ChatGPT model. We plugged our digital human technology into OpenAI's GPT-3 model, meaning you can have deep, open-ended conversation with a digital human for the first time.


Last month, we launched Digital Einstein – a virtual double of the Nobel Prize recipient, and an AI companion you can speak to about science, as well as Einstein’s life and work. At the same time, we started looking at another possibility to extend what digital humans can be and do.

Many digital humans working today have very specific use cases. They are product experts, sleep coaches, home loan guides, concierges and more. They fulfil very specific roles with consistency, friendliness and warmth of interaction.

But what if you could speak to a digital human about virtually anything – whatever you wish to get off your chest – for as long as you want?

Enter Open AI, an AI research and deployment company, and engineers of an advanced AI system – GPT-3. And, more recently, ChatGPT: a conversational model using a more dialog-friendly format.

Followers of OpenAI’s miraculous models will have seen a glimpse into the future of conversational AI. Academics even touted ChatGPT’s essay-writing skills, with commenters suggesting it could signal the end of homework as we know it! But it’s not undergraduates who are most likely to benefit from this technology; brands will soon be using sophisticated language models to add much more depth, personality and interaction to their channels.

Using GPT-3 for digital human experiences

We’ve been huge fans of what GPT-3 can offer to the future of conversational AI since the natural language model launched in 2020. In a nutshell, GPT-3 has a transformer-based deep learning neural network architecture, and is trained on 45 TB of text data from datasets available on the internet, from Wikipedia to books. It means the model can create fantastically in-depth conversations about any topic covered within this immense amount of data.

So working with OpenAI, we thought what a better time to take the kid gloves off and plug in one of our digital humans, Sophie?

Sophie is integrated into the GPT-3 model through OpenAI’s API. Collaborating with OpenAI, we’ve also placed parameters around some of the more unsavory subjects people might speak to her about.

You’ll see how Sophie can bring the knowledge of GPT-3 and the text of ChatGPT to life with autonomous human behavior.

You’re able to speak to Sophie as you would a real person. Tell her about your interests, your opinions, even your fears. Ask her about her favorite music, tell her about your pet – virtually anything you wish to speak about, she’s here for you, and she’ll do her best to accommodate.

You’ll also find the conversation with Sophie gets deeper the more you talk to her – much like meeting a real person. She’ll remember and recall things you’ve said, adding them into the new context of the conversation.

She’s also fluent in French and Spanish, if they’re your preferred languages.

But before you do…

Please be aware that this version of Sophie is a showcase of what’s possible when GPT-3’s conversational AI is connected to a digital human interface – a first look into what that delivers when trying to replicate human interaction and friendliness.

Her thoughts and opinions are very much driven by the information available to her, which includes billions of pages of data from across the internet.

As such, her dialogue doesn’t necessarily represent the views of UneeQ, OpenAI or any other affiliates of ours. Her utterances and opinions are fluid, and what she says should never be taken as advice – neither professional, financial, medical nor in any other context.

The more you speak to her, the better she gets. So try letting her know a little bit about your life and see where the conversation takes you.

We’d genuinely love to hear how you get on! Feel free to share your experiences with us on any of our social media channels (found towards the bottom of this page). Or you can reach out to our AI experts to find out what digital humans can do for your brand.