Feb 21, 2023

UneeQ’s digital humans win three awards for innovation in conversational AI

From conversational AI to big innovation, we were honored to pick up these three awards for our work in the digital human industry.

UneeQ’s digital humans win three awards for innovation in conversational AI

What a great way to kick off 2021! We’re thrilled to share that our digital humans have picked up three awards for innovation in the conversational AI sector.

  • The 2021 BIG Innovation Award from Business Intelligence Group
  • The Stratus 2020 Cloud Computing Award
  • The Best AI-Powered Conversational Intelligence Software Firm 2021

Danny Tomsett, CEO of UneeQ, says the awards are a great form of recognition. He added that they represent a growing understanding of the impact digital humans are having on the world.

“With conversational AI – a market that’s expected to grow to be worth $17-billion by 2025 – we’re seeing greater and greater uptake by consumers and brands alike.

“These brands have a focus on experiential AI, such as digital humans, to build effective digital interactions that include empathy, warmth and friendliness of human conversation and connection.”

The most recent of these three accolades is the 2021 BIG Innovation Award from Business Intelligence Group. The award is for businesses and individuals that bring to life those big ideas that change the way we experience the world, the organizers say.

“Innovation is now critical for our civilization to progress,” says Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer of the Business Intelligence Group.

“Each person, company and product has made tremendous strides at improving the lives of their community.”

Among the projects that show the impact of digital humans, our training of Sophie to become a COVID-19 health advisor and our work with mental wellness app Mentemia are two highlights.

We were also delighted to recently pick up the Stratus 2020 Cloud Computing Award.

The accolade recognizes companies that have leveraged the cloud to improve how customers, patients and other end users experience their products.

For our digital humans, this means 24/7 accessibility for users even in remote areas. It also means scalability, so regardless of the amount of users who need help, a digital human assistant will be available.

“We now rely on the cloud for everything from entertainment to productivity, so we are proud to recognize all of our winners,” explains the Award’s Chief Nominations Officer.

“Each and every one is helping in their own way to make our lives richer everyday.”

And last but by no means least, we’re honored to pick up the award for Best AI-Powered Conversational Intelligence Software Firm 2021, from Corporate Vision Magazine as part of the 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards.

Considering conversational AI’s $17-billion growth projection, we’re so excited to be working in this space, and to see recognition that machines (from chatbots to virtual assistants and even websites) can be dramatically improved with more focus on human connection and interaction.

We’re delighted to accept all three of these awards. To us, they recognize the innovative work our team has done in launching a new technology to the world over the past few years.

The conversational AI space is set to be incredibly exciting over the next few months. And we can’t wait to show you what else we’ve been working on!