Media release: Deutsche Telekom elevates online shoppers’ confidence with digital human 'Max' from UneeQ

Max to become the face of customer support for millions with needs-matched buying experience.

March 26, 2024
UneeQ Staff
Media release: Deutsche Telekom elevates online shoppers’ confidence with digital human 'Max' from UneeQ
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Austin, TX | March 26, 2024

Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile) has raised the bar on customer service with the launch of its second digital human customer service representative, Max, who will guide customers through its mobile app. From digital human leader, UneeQ, Max helps customers discover the exact products they need, not just the ones they’re searching for, bolstering purchasing confidence and conversion rates.

This is the second digital human avatar that UneeQ has developed for the telco. The first, Selena was a digital salesperson. When Selena was launched out of DT’s innovation unit the company reported a 5.8x surge in conversion rates, a 9% drop in cart abandonment, and a 47% increase in basket additions. Max is designed to help customers cover more ground – from sales through to customer service and retention – driving a more holistic user experience.

With 62% of consumers feeling daunted by major online purchases, Max represents a paradigm shift: from search-based shopping to needs-matched buying and customer support. Research from Gartner shows that customers who are confident in their buying decisions are 2.6x more likely to buy more, and confidence can be boosted by 400% simply when the right information is provided to customers at the right time.

“Selena showed that people trust digital humans to assist in making purchase decisions. Max helps Deutsche Telekom customers feel more connected to the brand through enhanced user experience and customer support," says Danny Tomsett, CEO of UneeQ. “It’s highly personal customer service delivered at scale, a huge shift away from chatbots.”

Executives from Deutsche Telekom and UneeQ shared more about Max and Selena at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at a case study presentation: "Digital Human - Our new Avatar in Digital Sales & Service."

The future of customer service

UneeQ digital humans are product experts, they help customers make decisions and feel more confident and connected to the brand by asking questions in real-time. Their guidance and recommendations are based on a combination of company data and sophisticated AI models. They take troves of business data (RAG, CRM databases, production information, and brand guidelines), process that information in milliseconds, and converse naturally.

“The arrival of Max addresses a vital market gap – navigating complex product choices with ease. Max signifies Deutsche Telekom's commitment to innovative customer service, not only for tech aficionados but for all” says Christian Niedworok, Head of Digital Service Communication, Deutsche Telekom.

DT plans to use more digital humans on more channels, including in-store and through XR/VR. They’ll be tailored to different regions, and have diverse cultural backgrounds.

How Max works

While UneeQ digital humans can speak over 90 languages, Max is available in German and accessible 24/7, personalizing the shopping experience by providing service and support – engaging in dialogue, understanding needs, and recommending products that suit customers' lifestyles.

Trained on extensive Deutsche Telekom data, Max provides accurate, insightful advice without the need for guesswork. Max's introduction demonstrates Deutsche Telekom's foresight in digital customer service and support improving self-service completions by 10% and building on an already impressive Net Promoter Score.