With a brand value about US$63 billion, Deutsche Telekom is the most valuable brand in Europe and is ranked worldwide in a strong eleventh place. You may know them as T-Mobile in other parts of the world. With an exceptional brand identity and a history of driving innovation, Telekom employs a UneeQ digital human assistant to take customer experience into the modern era.


A native German speaker, Selena is designed to be the first digital service avatar representing the values of Deutsche Telekom’s customer service agents – in how she looks, talks and interacts. But more than that, she’s a highly competent and autonomous assistant, able to assist customers 24/7. She helps customers in real time to check and improve the performance of their WiFi network, she gives recommendations tailored to the customer’s personal situation, and can even help users find a package that best suits their needs.


Preliminary findings
from user testing.


higher conversion rate for Selena experiences.


reduction in cart abandonment.


overall customer

Our customers love Selena and appreciate the more emotional and fun way of interaction compared to ordinary text-based chatbots. We believe in the potential of digital humans to lower concerns and increase the acceptance of AI based self-services.”

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