digital humans in Sales

Consistent, reliable conversion experts.

For revenue teams and business development,  digital human sales assistants holds real-time, one-on-one conversations. They educate, build trust and can gently guide customers towards the right conversion points.


increase in online conversion rates via a digital human assistant.


increase in completions of online forms and self-service workflows.


reduction in cart abandonment rates via eCommerce channels.
ai-empowered sales

Convert in your sleep

By holding real-time conversations in 70+ languages, digital humans guide customers, educate them and can even take payments. These end-to-end conversations are available 24/7, and can be accessed as frequently as the customer wants – for as long as they want.


Empathetic AI conversations that build confidence and boost conversion

Convert and upsell.

Dedicated digital human sales assistants spend time educating and guiding users, leading to improved conversion rates, upselling and cross-selling.

Create premium experiences.

For instance, digital human sales assistants integrate into kiosks and work in-store to offer more engaging services, while reducing cost to serve.

Remove complexity.

Eliminate complex forms and self-service onboarding from the sales process. Digital humans excel at simplifying complexity with natural, friendly chat.

Reduce cart abandonment.

Digital human eCommerce product specialists guide shoppers, understand their needs and have proven success at reducing cart abandonment rates as a result.

Not a human, not a chatbot

Human sales rep remain the gold standard. But digital humans provide the empathetic, emotional connection people need to feel seen, heard and cared for by brands.

Web 3.0 ready.

Fulfil the promise of immersive and interactive metaverse experiences. Digital humans can live and converse in Web 3.0 worlds, enabling metaverse transactions.

Our customers love Selena and appreciate the more emotional and fun way of interaction. We believe in the potential of digital human to lower concerns and increase the acceptance of AI based self-services.

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