Vodafone staff can spend huge amounts of time helping customers with simple but time-consuming, one-off transactions – like topping up customers’ cellphones. For large global brands with tens of thousands of customers, automation is a no-brainer. But brand consistency is hugely important. Solutions must activate and improve the customer experience, not undermine it by making things productive yet lifeless.


By employing a digital human, Vodafone’s customers have an automated way to self-serve, without sacrificing the care and attention that comes with great customer service. She can even take card payments, managing end-to-end interactions directly from her kiosk. And Vodafone’s real staff? They can focus on more complex tasks where their time and expertise is most needed.


Aggregated metrics from
our digital human projects.


increase in online
conversion rates.


increase in customer


people say a digital human
channel is easy to use.

UneeQ’s digital humans are capable of continuously learning how to anticipate our customers’ needs and better serve them.”

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