Launching new technologies into the healthcare industry, understandably, comes with some cautious first footsteps. The innovation needs to provide real utility, without taking anything away from the best patient experiences. We relied upon Maya MD's experience in this space, and they relied upon our expertise in digital humans, to launch Maya into the health sector.


Maya can analyze symptoms, provide healthcare insights and direct people to the right type of care – helping healthcare brands to simultaneously support their physicians, staff and patients.

Take Maya’s role for health insurer MotivHealth, for example. She lives in the MotivHealth member portal and works to make healthcare more accessible. She can provide virtual symptom assessments, treatment advice, assistance in scheduling health appointments and 24/7 connection to telehealth providers.

It’s a smart solution to a complex problem. Most impressive of all, MayaMD’s platform has proven to be an incredibly accurate way to triage patients, as found in peer-reviewed research.



Triage success rate (outcome
matched physician concensus)


Triage success rate among real physicians.

Employing a digital human is an effective way to create an engagement that is everything from efficient, to relatable, to intelligent, to empathetic, to even fun.”

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