Feb 22, 2023

Documentary showcases social impact of digital human interactions, featuring UneeQ

A new documentary on “De Digimens” – digital mankind, or digital humans – featured some familiar and UneeQ faces.

 Documentary showcases social impact of digital human interactions, featuring UneeQ

If you have even a passing interest in the technologies that are making a difference in people’s lives, allow us to point you to VPRO Tegenlicht.

Tegenlicht (Dutch for Backlight) is an award-winning future affairs program in the Netherlands. The docu-series represents the front line, where new ideas are developed, tested and criticized within the worlds of politics, economics, society, technology and science.

And one of their latest documentaries was on “De Digimens” – digital mankind, or digital humans.

The technology shown in homes and business include various types of synthetic media, SoftBank Robotics’ Pepper, NEON artificial humans, and also some familiar UneeQ faces.

At times, the show looks into the growing social acceptance of digital humans, as well as the ethics of their design. In others, you hear from neuroscientists highlighting the subtle human traits built into UneeQ’s digital human platform, like breathing and blinking, that form greater user connection. And the show details the clinical trials being undertaken to show the value of digital humans in healthcare scenarios.

The De Digimens documentary aired on 7 November, 2021, in Dutch but with large segments in English. So if your Dutch, like much of ours, is a little rusty, you can still watch along via the link below.

Watch VPRO Tegenlicht video De Digimens | UneeQ Blog

Going Dutch with digital humans

Science, technology and business leaders in the Netherlands have been some of the most ardent innovators in humanized artificial intelligence. Perhaps it’s not surprising that the country that brought us the telescope, WiFi, cassette tapes and orange carrots (seriously) are also at the forefront of digital mankind.

Deloitte Digital, in particular, has been leading the way, having launched amazing digital human solutions across a range of industries.

If you’re thinking “what could a digital human concierge do in the office of the future”, there’s Max. Have you wondered what a digital human pharmacist could do to help patient health and wellbeing? You can see just that in the work of Pharmi.

There’s much happening in the Netherlands and indeed around the world when it comes to building better machine-to-human relationships and interfaces.

Max in Deloitte office of the future | UneeQ Blog

How to find out more about digital humans

If Tegenlicht only scratched your itch to learn more about digital humans, we’ve got you.

Whether you’re researching the technology for the first time or want to see some specific use cases of today’s digital human tech, you can find answers in our free digital human buyer's guide.

Or, if De Digimens has you excited for the future of digital human interactions, take a read at what the next few years will really look like with the launch of the metaverse via our blog.