Decisions about wealth management portfolios require reliable, accurate insight. UBS is currently exploring the use of digital assistants to help clients and client advisors find solutions on the spot through AI-powered, frictionless access to UBS's expertise.

For its exploration of the use of ‘Human Digital Assistants’, UBS partnered with FaceMe and IBM to develop two avatars and the technology supporting them. The exploration was inspired by the question: “How might we enrich client meetings through digital assistants in a meaningful and differentiating way?”

Client advisors in the UBM Wealth Management Switzerland team will use two newly developed avatars: "Daniel Kalt", a digital version of UBS Regional Chief Investment Officer Switzerland and "Fin", a friendly helper and digital assistant, during client meetings.

At a glance:

  • The avatars can interact via voice and eye contact with clients, are being deployed to client meetings via an LCD screen.

  • “Fin" is an animated digital assistant while “Daniel Kalt,” is a digital copy of UBS Regional Chief Investment Officer Switzerland at UBS Global Wealth Management.

  • “Fin” will be used to support simple banking transactions, for example, if a client needs to order a new credit card, while “Daniel Kalt” will help advisors manage more complex, market-oriented discussions with clients.

  • The avatars were designed for support and enhance the speed and quality of customer service interactions.

  • It would be almost impossible for client advisors to read through the tremendous amount of data at their fingertips - publications, fact sheets, analyst reports etc. The UBS avatars, powered by IBM Watson technology, are able to quickly digest and learn from these sources to provide informative answers.

  • Interaction are enhanced by informative graphs, charts, and animation.


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Create meaningful differentiation for wealth management clients.

A first-of-its-kind digital assistant designed specifically for wealth management clients.