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FaceMe is coming to North America as UneeQ

If you're a radical innovator, early adopter or want to help me succeed, I want to talk to you!

Using UneeQ, creators can design digital humans who embody their brand and drive emotional connection with customers at scale.

Why UneeQ?

Using digital humans, every brand can achieve the impossible.

Digital humans are UneeQ | Digital humans don’t just have IQ (knowledge intelligence), they have EQ (emotional intelligence) which builds individual connection through human-like conversation.

You’re UneeQ | Your organization has its own one-of-a-kind brand, and we aim to provide a one-of-a-kind digital human embodiment of that brand.

Your customers are UneeQ | While online tools treat people like case numbers, digital humans treat them like people.

We’re UneeQ | As a company, our customers love how easy we are to work with and how we ‘just get things done’. In our industry, that’s pretty UneeQ..

Our people are UneeQ | The reason we find ourselves at this stage in our journey is because of our people. Our company values say, we “invent the incredible and be the best”. And if you’re the best, that’s pretty UneeQ, right?

Now… imagine what’s possible.

Enhance brand experience throughout the customer journey using digital humans:

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